ETKİNİZ is a new programme which will provide support CSOs, networks, platforms and civil initiatives for monitoring compliance with the International Human Rights Framework. The programme is financed under the Civil Society Facility (CSF 2017), implemented by the European Union to strengthen civil society in the candidate countries. The 6,5 years programme, which started in January 2019, aims to contribute to the development of civil society’s monitoring capacity.

The following priorities focus on the support to be provided to CSOs that are either monitoring or willing to monitor human rights:

  • Capacity building and sustainability for civil monitoring initiatives
  • Improve the quality and increase in the quantity of civil monitoring reports
  • Equip civil society organizations with the expertise, methodology and skills necessary for civil monitoring
  • Increasing civil society access and influence to European and international human rights frameworks and mechanisms
  • Establishment of dialogue forums to improve the civil monitoring environment
  • Raising awareness of citizens about the role and value of civil monitoring in the protection and promotion of human rights
  • Strengthening cooperation and dialogue between public institutions and civil organizations.