What is Human Rights Monitoring (HRM)?

ETKİNİZ EU Programme aims to strengthen the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the protection and promotion of human rights[*] by improving their ability to monitor and advocate for compliance with international human rights standards. International Human Rights Normative Framework lays down obligations that states are bound to respect, protect and fulfil.  This framework includes treaties (covenants, conventions, protocols) ratified within a system of intergovernmental/interstate organisations such as United Nations (UN) and Council of Europe (CoE), jurisprudence and general comments of treaty monitoring bodies, declarations and resolutions accepted within these intergovernmental systems, reports of experts from United Nations (UN) special procedures and Council of Europe (CoE) organs.  (Please click here for a non-exhaustive list).

HRM should be considered as completely different from monitoring the impact or success of a project or a work. HRM sets out the extent to which existing legislation and practices are in accordance with international human rights standards and norms, and the steps to be taken to address the gaps and deficiencies. (Please click here for detailed list and explanatory note of international human rights framework relevant to Turkey)

Many different means and methods can be used for HRM. However, regardless of the method used, different principles such as independence, impartiality, inoffensiveness, trustworthiness and ensuring everyone’s safety should be adhered.


Human Rights Monitoring comprises (1) gathering, (2) verifying and (3) using information on Human Rights for advocacy to improve the situation of human rights

Within the scope of the programme, we will provide support to CSOs that monitor compliance with international human rights standards in Turkey and carry out monitoring-based advocacy activities based on their needs and demands. ETKİNİZ, mainly aims to increase already existing expertise of CSOs. External expert support will also be available when this expertise is not available within the organisation.

[*] Human rights issues are constantly expanding and evolving. We share some example areas below, but we are welcome applications in areas not listed here: women’s rights, children’s rights, youth rights, rights of persons with disabilities, rights of minorities and ethnic groups, rights of lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual-intersex individuals, refugee-immigrant rights, rights of displaced persons, stateless persons, indigenous peoples ‘rights, elderly rights, workers’ rights, victim rights, environmental rights, protection of human rights defenders, prevention of discrimination, fair trial, economic and social cultural rights.

Who can benefit from Etkiniz Supports?

To benefit from Etkiniz support, the main requirement is to be a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) officially registered in Turkey. The CSO should belong to one of the below categories:

  • Association
  • Foundation
  • Non-profit cooperative
  • Civil society networks and platform (These initiatives have to be represented by a CSO with a legal basis)
  • Civil initiative, community, network (These initiatives have to be represented by a CSO with a legal basis)
  • Union
  • Bar Association
  • Professional organisation

What are the activities that Etkiniz supports?

As Etkiniz aims to strengthen the capacity of CSOs to monitor the compliance with international human rights standards and norms, the programme provides support to all activities related to monitoring of human rights issues within the framework of international human rights.

What are the issues covered by Etkiniz Supports?

For a detailed description of support offered by Etkiniz, please see Support page for details. Etkiniz does not provide direct financial support to CSOs. Etkiniz covers the expenses of activities/experts without transferring money to CSOs. Each support can cover a maximum of  3.000 Euros of expenses. A CSO can receive support more than once. However,  the total amount of expenses to be covered by Etkiniz cannot exceed 12.000 Euros. Each application is evaluated separately.

Etkiniz support is divided into 2 categories:

  • 1. Human Rights Monitoring Support
  • 2. Access to International Human Right Mechanism Support

All expense items to be covered within the scope of supported activities are given below. If you need to consult about an expense item not listed below, please contact the helpdesk.

Etkiniz particularly supports innovative approaches for HRM.

In addition, expenses for reasonable accommodation measures necessary to implement the activities below  will be covered. (For ex: translation or transfer expenses for disabled participants)

I. HRM Support

  • Development of a monitoring strategy
  • Creation of indicators
  • Data collection, data management, analysis, interpretation, data visualisation
  • Preparation of HRM reports
  • Internal trainings for monitoring
  • Meeting, travel expenses, stationery, technology, design, printing, translation expenditures for the above-mentioned activities
  • Expert support (Etkiniz, mainly aims to increase already existing expertise of the CSOs. Also, external expert support will be available when this expertise is not available within the organisation.)
  • Development of an advocacy or campaign strategy based on the results of monitoring
  • Advocacy, lobbying, campaigns to disseminate the results of monitoring
  • Networking and collaboration with stakeholders based on the results of monitoring
  • Data visualisation, digital communication, media communication
  • Meeting, travel, stationery, technology, design, printing, translation expenditures for the above mentioned activities

II. Access to International Human Rights Mechanisms Support

  • Travel expenses (transportation, accommodation, visa, per diem, etc.)
  • Translation support
  • Reporting support for international human rights mechanisms
  • Expert support (Etkiniz, mainly aims to increase already existing expertise of CSOs. Also, external expert support will be available when this expertise is not available within the organisation.)

Does Etkiniz organise training programs? How I can participate?

Yes. Etkiniz organises different training programmes for CSOs to monitor human rights. You can follow the announcements for these trainings from our social media accounts and announcements page.

Our training programmes are available for all members, volunteers and activists in civil society organisations. However, an appropriate participant profile will be determined according to the content and scope of each training programme and stated in the announcements. You can apply for training programmes through our application system.

Etkiniz will also organize “on-demand” trainings based on requests from CSOs to respond the changing needs of CSOs. These “on-demand” trainings can be specific to themes or organizations. Please contact Ekiniz helpdesk to request trainings.

What are the evaluation criteria for Etkiniz supports?

Applications for ETKİNİZ Support are evaluated on monthly basis. The applications made by 25th of each month will be announced by the 25th of the following month at the latest. ETKİNİZ TAT will evaluate the applications in the order of their application dates, on monthly basis.

ETKİNİZ does not receive urgent applications; however, CSOs that require such applications may contact the ETKİNİZ Support Desk. ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team may have to limit the approval and implementation of multiple applications from the same applicant in order to give equal opportunity to all CSOs during peak periods.

If necessary, ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team will provide guidance to improve the application.

The compliance check is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, TAT will check if the application is made by a CSO related to HRM and the application relates to the international rights standards and norms. Following the verification of compliance with these 2 criteria, TAT will further evaluate the application.

In the second stage, ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team evaluate the applications considering the below compliance criteria.

Compliance Criteria

Determining Criteria
1 Does the application involve a direct link with international human rights mechanisms such as communication, submission, reporting, etc. (in particular, the United Nations human rights committees)?
2 Are the objectives and outputs of the application measurable?


3 Does the application focus on making a good impact and improving human rights? Is there any potential for local or national change?
4 Does it prioritize silent groups in difficult conditions? Does it give importance not to discriminate or create discrimination? Does it promote gender equality?
5 Does it engage relevant right holders, other relevant and efficient stakeholders? Are the methods used for engagement relevant, effective, efficient and sustainable? What are the suggested methods for accountability and transparency to the right holders and other stakeholders? Are they sufficient for right holders to seek their own rights?
6 Does it include any measures to protect right holders?
7 Does it offer a sustainable and lasting impact after implementation?
  Supporting Criteria
1 Is the requested budget amount of 3,000 Euros or less?
2 Do the requested budget items coincide with the work activities?


3  Is the price / benefit relationship between the requested budget items and amount and the planned results strong?



  • Compliant: Applications that comply with at least 5 of the determining criteria will be accepted and TAT will communicate with the applicants to ensure that the supporting criteria are also met.
  • Incomplete: To ensure that all applications provide at least 5 of the determining criteria and all of the supporting criteria, the ETKİNİZ TAT may contact the applicants to work together on improving the application.
  • Non-compliant: The application will be considered non-compliant unless it complies with at least 2 criteria of each level.

During the compliance check process, ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team may request additional documents and information from CSOs about their activities.

ETKİNİZ team gives special importance to ensure that the application process and provision of support is conducted without creating a competitive environment between civil society organisations. So, if you have an idea that can be effective for human rights monitoring, our team is always ready to assist you in the application process. You can contact ETKİNİZ Support Desk for any questions about the applications.

Applications are submitted until midnight on the 25th of each month and compliance checks are finalized on the 25th of the following month at the latest. ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team will contact CSOs within 7 days to provide information about their applications. ETKİNİZ TAT might change these conditions for applications during the lifespan of the programme and the changes are announced on ETKİNİZ website and social media without affecting the implementations.

The application language is Turkish. Applications can be made both in Arabic and Kurdish. Since our information system is prepared only in Turkish, if you want to apply in Arabic and Kurdish languages, you can send your request to destek@etkiniz.eu. The results of the applications are announced through the Information System. The applicant has right to object the compliance check result of his application. You can send an e-mail to destek@etkiniz.eu to make an objection.

If your application is considered as incomplete by ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team and returned with change, you can complete the requested changes within the application period (25th of each month) and maintain the same application order, and the compliance check for the application will be conducted again. Those who cannot reapply within this period can make their applications for the next period and take part in the order of that period.

CSOs whose applications are evaluated as non-compliant can contact ETKİNİZ Support Desk (destek@etkiniz.eu) to get feedback on their work.

ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team will follow up the budget allocated to the program and implementation capacity; accordingly has the right to take necessary measures and make modifications on the support categories and upper in-kind financial support limits, when necessary. As long as the resources are sufficient and ETKİNİZ Technical Assistance Team’s implementation capacity is not exceeded, ETKİNİZ Support will be open to application until the end of the program.

When I should make my application? When the results will be announced?

Applications for Etkiniz support are evaluated on a monthly basis. All the applications made in each month will be evaluated by ETKİNİZ Support Team in the order of application date. The results of the applications made until the 25th of each month will be announced latest by the 25th of the following month at the. For example, all applications submitted from 3 until 25 July are evaluated in the order of application and the results are announced by 25 August the latest. A new application period starts after the 25th of each month.

Application Period for the First 3 Months Announcement of the Results (at the latest)
July 3 – July 25, 2019 August 25, 2019
July 26 – August 25,2019 September 25, 2019
August 26 – September 25,2019 October 25, 2019