The Etkiniz EU Programme’s support for Dialogue Meetings covers meetings civil society organisations may hold with various groups, including public entities, civil society organisations, rights holders, the media and representatives of international human rights mechanisms, as an element of monitoring human rights.

Ensuring that your submitted request for support answers the following questions in the Suggested Activities section will make it much easier for us to assess your request:

  • The aim of the meeting
  • Expectations from participating organisations
  • Date of the meeting (should be at least 45 days after the date of submission of your request)
  • The province where the meeting will take place and the reason why that province was selected
  • Expected duration of the meeting (half a day or one full day)
  • Expected number of participants (please indicate the total number of participants from your association and invited organisations)
  • Will there be participants from out of town? If yes, please state the expected number.
  • Will any recordings be made at the meeting?
  • Will you need simultaneous interpretation?
  • Do you prefer a particular hotel?
  • Meeting room layout (U layout, classroom layout etc.)
  • Special preferences you would like to add (sign language interpretation, Braille printing etc.)

Please bear in mind that your meeting request for support may only take place after 20 business days at the earliest, following its approval. Furthermore, please note that your list of participants should be ready when you submit your request for support. Your list of participants is to be finalised 15 days before the meeting day at the latest, and it may not be amended afterwards.

You also need to submit your budget to us when preparing your request for support. You need to draw up your budget by taking into account the prices for hotels in and flights to and from the city where the meetings will take place, as well as the venue rental, transport, overnight stay, technical equipment, and out-of-town transport headers according to an accurate number of participants. If you intend to request a moderator/facilitating expert to be present at your meeting, this does not need to be included in the budget. If your request for support is found to be compliant, your proposed budget will be evaluated separately. The Etkiniz team will convey to you any necessary suggestions or amendments.

Dialogue meetings are organised according to Etkiniz’s procurement principles. These principles require working with suppliers who respect human rights, workers’ rights, animal rights and the environment; and to get “the best value for money”. Getting “the best value for money” means picking the most suitable goods and services that meet the needs of the event.

The meeting set-up is to include Etkiniz’s promotional pack and visibility elements. Please note that for any output or shares you may produce before, during and after the meeting in which Etkiniz is visible, you need to obtain visibility and content approval from the Etkiniz team.

Once registered on the Etkiniz EU Programme MIS System, civil society organisations may request support for dialogue meetings under the human rights monitoring section.

  • Your meetings should be planned to last for half a day or one full day,

If your meeting is to last for half a day, we suggest that it should be held between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. We suggest this schedule so optimal travel and stay arrangements for participants from out of town can be made.

  • Involve at least 15 and at most 30 participants,

The number of participants from your own organisation should not exceed a third of the total. Meetings with members of your organisation are not considered dialogue meetings. The number of participants from out of town should not exceed two-thirds of the total number of participants.

  • And include various organisations in order to share knowledge and experiences.

Request for Support Items

  • Venue hire
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Domestic travel

Please note that Etkiniz does not cover expenses for compulsory tests and vaccinations that may be required by regulations on health and infectious diseases. The dates of arrival and departure of participants who will travel for the meeting need to be appropriate to the date of the meeting. Early arrival or late departure is only provided for in unavoidable circumstances or to ensure the participation of individuals who require accessibility support.

  • Transfer to and from the airport/station for participants from out of town,

Etkiniz is unable to provide support for transfers for participants in the same city as the venue. Etkiniz is also unable to provide support for transfers for participants from out of town in their city of departure. Etkiniz may only provide support for the intra-city transfer of those participants who require accessibility support.

  • International travel (only for experts from outside Turkey)

If you foresee the participation of an international expert, the contribution of this expert to the meeting needs to be explained in detail. In addition to the explanation, please submit information on the resumé of the expert to the Etkiniz team.

  • Overnight stay,

The most suitable plane tickets are bought for your out-of-town participants depending on the time your meeting will begin and end. If a return journey cannot be arranged for the same day, Etkiniz only provides support for the overnight stay of participants for one day only, with check-in on the day before the meeting. In addition, only those participants who benefit from support for overnight stay may benefit from the evening meal at the hotel on the day they check in. Etkiniz cannot provide support for any other evening meals. A degree of flexibility in overnight stay is only allowed for individuals who require accessibility support.

  • Interpretation
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Equipment rental (equipment related to the meeting layout)
  • Meeting management and facilitating expert support

For any other budget headings you may need, you may contact the Etkiniz team and request a new budget to be drawn up in line with EU conditions and Etkiniz rules.

Sample Requests

*A meeting to share a report on the rights of persons with disabilities with relevant parties,

*A meeting with relevant parties to prepare a joint monitoring strategy to realise children’s right to participation.