“Human Rights Monitoring Guide for Rights Organizations” is published by Etkiniz

Etkiniz has announced its new publication on December 10, World Human Rights Day!

The new publication of  Etkiniz, “Human Rights Monitoring Guide for Rights Organizations” was published on 10 December 2021. With the guide prepared by Dicle Çakmak and Selin Berghan and contributed by Adem Arkadaş-Thibert and Murat Çekiç, it is aimed to draw an easy and applicable framework for the monitoring of human rights in order to support the monitoring activities of rights organizations.

The guide consists of the chapters below:

What is monitoring and why is it needed?
What kind of preparation should be made before carrying out a monitoring study?
What are human rights indicators?
Where and how is data collected?
How is reporting done? 

For the Turkish version of the guide please click 

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