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Etkiniz EU Programme continue the support processes we provide you with not from our office but from our homes.

In April and May 2020, Etkiniz Team continued organising webinars, preparing new documents and promoting Etkiniz supported outputs.

Discussions are held with CSOs that carry out monitoring work in the webinars organised once a week. Follow the Etkiniz website for weekly webinar announcements and registration. The webinars are in Turkish.

Participation in Etkiniz webinars is limited to 100 people, but for those who could not participate, videos (including sign-language interpretations) are uploaded to Etkiniz YouTube channel.

A guideline about the matters to be considered while carrying out human rights monitoring work during the pandemic, when working from home has become common has been prepared by Etkiniz Team. It is available in Turkish

Preliminary investigation reports of the “Access of Children in Various Parts of Istanbul to Their Rights Under Covid-19” by four different CSOs from Istanbul and Maps of Turkey and the world that contain information on developments regarding seasonal mobile and migrant agricultural workers under Covid-19 by The Development Workshop have been published with Etkiniz support. A video based on the report by Deri Tekstil Kundura İşçileri Derneği (Leather Textiles Footwear Workers Association) detailing the rights violations refugee workers face at work has been released also with Etkiniz support.




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