Etkiniz supports the participation of CSO representatives in online HRM training courses

The Etkiniz EU Programme, which contributes to the development of civil society work in the field of human rights monitoring now offers support for participation in international online training activities in this field. You may pick from amongst the online training programmes in various thematic fields relevant to human rights monitoring and take part in the training of your choice with Etkiniz support.

Etkiniz has compiled a list of the online training programmes on human rights monitoring featured on the database of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Please see below for the list of the training programmes the OHCHR has digitalised in cooperation with various universities and civil society organisations (CSO):

  • Proficiency in English is a requirement for all training programmes.
  • ONLINE on university and edX (founded by Harvard and MIT) and HREA – all have HRM components
OrganiserCourse/ProgrammeDatesFee/ NotesLink
Essex University, Human Rights Centre, Human Rights Summer SchoolHuman Rights Research Methods28 June – 9 July 2021until 31/05/2021 – £637.50     between 01-20/06/2021 – £765.00
Queen’s UniversityMicroMasters Program in Water and Global Human HealthOpen864 USD – 6 courses in 6 months – participants will have a chance to meet with the UN Special Rapporteur on right to water
University of LouvainMicroMasters in the language of the international lawOpen540 USD – 4 courses in 1 year, chance to meet with the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights
University of LouvainInternational Human Rights Law courseOpen150 USD – given by with the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights
StanfordOnline (Stanford University)International Women’s Health and Human RightsOpen50 USD for verified certificate
Harvard UniversityChild Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and PracticeOpen99 USD for verified certificate
Geneva AcademyAccountability for Atrocity Crimes20 May – 4 June 20211250 Swiss Francs
Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights: The Rights of RefugeesOpen49 USD for verified certificate
Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights DefendersOpen49 USD for verified certificate
Amnesty InternationalDigital Security and Human RightsOpen49 USD for verified certificate
Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights: The Right to Freedom of ExpressionOpen49 USD for verified certificate

MOBILITY – subject to change/postponement or cancellation.

OrganizerCourse/ProgrammeDatesFee/ NotesLink
Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) Nuffield College Oxford UniversityHybrid Interactive Training Applied Research Methods with Hidden, Marginal and Excluded Populations23-27 August 2021£1,300 + visa + flight + travel + accommodation + food + other costs

How to request support for training participation?

After selecting the training programmes you want to take part in, make sure you take a look at the guidebooks at and register with Etkiniz’s Monitoring Information System (MIS). After registering on MIS, you may form a “New request for Support” for the training programmes you wish to take part in. You may send your request for support by selecting the Support for Access to International Human Rights Mechanisms category. You need only write “International Online Human Rights Monitoring Training” in the work title field.

When requesting support, please bear in the mind the following:

  • Etkiniz supports the participation of representatives of CSOs with legal entity status. (Individual requests for support are not eligible for Etkiniz support.)
  • Should the request of the applicant person be accepted, the applicant will be asked to obtain a letter of approval for participation in training from the CSO they represent and to convey the letter to the Etkiniz Technical Support Team. Please ensure that CSO administrators are aware of your request for support. Requests for support for participating in training will be prioritised at the assessment stage.
  • If you are unable to finance your participation in training through other means, you need to request support from Etkiniz before you apply to participate in the training and to apply or register for the training depending on the approval of our request for support.
  • As the training programmes on the list are delivered in English, it is a prerequisite for the CSO representative named in the request for support to be proficient in English at a level that will allow them to follow the training modules and actively participate. (The same language requirement applies for any other languages for any training programmes on the list that are delivered in languages other than English.)
  • Training fees will be covered by Etkiniz for requests for support that are assessed as compliant.

Reminder: Which activities can you carry out with Etkiniz support for capacity building?

You may undertake the following activities in the field of human rights monitoring with Etkiniz support:

  • Organize your own training sessions/programmes,
  • Attend training held by Etkiniz,
  • Complete the three training modules (Introduction to Human Rights Monitoring, International Human Rights Mechanisms, Evidence Based Campaigning) on the Etkiniz Human Rights Monitoring Training Portal,
  • Register for international online training.

For detailed information on training offered by Etkiniz, please visit

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