Etkiniz Human Rights Monitoring Training Portal Now Online

The Etkiniz EU Programme, which provides human rights monitoring design and implementation support to civil society organisations, has opened its e-learning platform to general use as of August 15th 2020.

Upon clicking on the link, you may register for free on the Etkiniz Human Rights Monitoring Training Portal by creating a user profile, where you may access basic training sets formed to support monitoring work.

At present, the training sets you may access using the portal are:

  1. Introduction to Human Rights Monitoring (Dr. İdil Işıl Gür)
  2. International Human Rights Mechanisms (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ulaş Karan)
  3. Evidence Based Campaigning (Buket Atlı)

You may register with any of the three training sets you like and upon completing them, you will earn the right to receive a training participation certificate. The Human Rights Monitoring Training Portal will be updated with additional training content in the future and be at hand for civil society.

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