Etkiniz Forum participants’ posts turned into a visual monitoring report

Etkiniz Forum participants’ contributions were visualized by Göksel Gürsel, visual facilitator and SOGlab founder.

“Which human rights violations has the pandemic deepened?” and “What new types of rights violations has the pandemic brought to the fore?” The CSOs that answered the questions in Etkiniz Forum moderator Eylem Certel’s company carried out a joint study.

During the “Live Drawing” session, the answers of the representatives of CSOs working in different fields of rights were instantly visualized by Göksel Gürsel. The participants, who drew a framework on human rights in Turkey in as little as 45 minutes, signed a report in poster form.

You can access, download and print different versions of the drawing, which was created with your contributions at the Etkiniz Forum – Live Drawing Session, from the link below:

Download the Poster


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