10 Resources to Inspire Your Women’s Rights Monitoring

As Etkiniz, we have prepared a mini-guide titled “10 Sources to Inspire Your Women’s Rights Monitoring Work” for CSOs working in the field of women’s rights monitoring and advocacy. You can find the Turkish resources below:

CEDAW Committee General Recommendation: https://bit.ly/3IOJ5ul

Law for Women website: http://kadinlaricinhukuk.org/

Gender Monitoring Project Library: https://bit.ly/3hNv986

Combating Violence Against Women: Minimum Standards for Support Services: https://bit.ly/3KFtPkn

Using the Right Words: Rights-Based Journalism in the Field of Sexual Violence & Dissemination of Consent Culture and Awareness Studies in Combating Sexual Violence: https://bit.ly/35VD5Si

Gender-Sensitive Data Study: https://bit.ly/3Kp2sec

Women in Places of Detention: A Guide to Gender-Sensitive Monitoring: https://bit.ly/34jOPxh

Gender Equality in Local Governments and Budgeting Guide: https://bit.ly/3HNFCv2

Justice for Women in the Context of COVID-19: https://bit.ly/3KlcGfx

Statement of the Committee of the Parties to the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (“Istanbul Convention”) on the implementation of the Convention during the COVID-19 pandemic: https://etkiniz.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/kad%C4%B1na-yo%CC%88nelik-s%CC%A7iddetle-mu%CC%88cadele-covid-19.pdf

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